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In 1992, we started with the hiring of private sailing and motor boats. Our boats were then at the Hotel Stenungsbaden marine in Stenungsund. The business grew quickly and a few years later, we had to move to Almösunds Marina on Tjörn.

1998 started a collaboration with Franckes Marina and Swede Charter in Marstrand.
Shortly there formed Charter Sailing AB with offices in Marstrand. 2002 we moved to Gothenburg and Bohus Charter came into existence in Erikbergs marina

2007 started Yachtcharter Göteborg AB. This is to be able to expand abroad with new partner. In 2008, began to expand Eriksberg and we had to leave the marina. From 2013 are we back again in Göteborg, where we have most of our own boats. This proved to be excellent. For our customers Göteborg is the perfect place to start and finish their holiday. 

2014 start a new base in Stockholm at the perfectly located marina, Morningside Marina located near Stockholm city.

In the last 21 years we have built up contacts with agents and marinas around the world, which stand for good service and quality. The boats are securely fitted and being in good condition is very important. Whether you are a private person or business, we will do everything to make it as successful as possible. The fact that we achieve this, we know where many of our customers come back year after year. On our website we also offer the possibility to book online. Here you can find really good prices for both air and sea around the world.

As before, our mission is to offer our clients a pleasant and exciting experience on the sea regardless of the destination of the world you choose. Yachtcharter Göteborg AB guaranteeing security and service, regardless of your customer, the boat owners or employees. Welcome to  us.

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